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I have been actively involved in advocating for our local community over the last several years and I look for ways to be a force for positive change in our area.  Six years ago, Supervisor Miley suggested that I attend his Eden Area Livability Initiative (EALI) workshops, and it taught me a great deal about the local infrastructure and processes.  During the EALI process, I grew to appreciate the organizations and people that make our lives special, and none do this better than H.A.R.D. 

I admire how H.A.R.D. is a great partner for our community and how they find ways to improve our lives.  I joined their Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) because I wanted to work with HARD to advocate for my community.  When my final term expired, it was suggested that I apply for a spot on their Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC).  In 2016, the community passed Measure F1 with almost 80% approval, and this raised $250,000,000 for the District improvements, programs, and facilities.  My role on the HARD CBOC allowed me to dive into the financials, the projects, and how the money was being spent.  This further affirmed my belief that H.A.R.D. is the best example I have seen of how a Community Services District should function.

If elected, I will continue to grow the collaborations between H.A.R.D. and local agencies to increase recreational opportunities in this community where land/facilities are scarce.  These partnerships between public and private agencies are what sets H.A.R.D. apart.  Ashland Commons, Mia’s Dream, and the Cherryland Community Center are just some of the recent examples of how H.A.R.D. has collaborated with other agencies to stretch our dollars to make the projects successful, as well as cost effective.

I am a person who focuses on solutions that will improve our community’s access to great facilities and programs.  Over the last 75 years, H.A.R.D. has built a strong reputation.  I want H.A.R.D. to be a success for the next 75 years, and I will work hard, to keep this promise.

SOME of the recent leadership organizations and Committees that I have served on:

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