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About H.A.R.D.:

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What is H.A.R.D.?

H.A.R.D. is an independent special-use district providing park and recreation services for residents living in Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Cherryland and Fairview. It is the largest recreation district in the State of California and has a reputation of being one of the best run recreation departments in the State. H.A.R.D. provides a variety of recreational activities, special events, facilities and services.

I have enjoyed the H.A.R.D. facilities and programs for most of my life. Here is a link to the H.A.R.D. programs and recreation guide   Some of the facilities that my family and I have been frequent users/visitors of are the Shoreline Interpretive Center, Sulphur Creek Nature Center, Castro Valley Community Center, Adobe Art Center, Greenridge Park, Douglas Morrison Little Theater, Meek Estate, East Avenue Park, The Japanese Gardens, and Parsons Park.

On November 8, 2016, voters residing within the Hayward Area Recreation & Park District passed Measure-F1.  Measure F1 is a $250,000,000 bond measure that authorizes funding for needed repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects to the District’s parks and facilities. Measure F1 was passed by over 78%.  The passage of this bond created multiple opportunities to upgrade, improve, and acquire recreational facilities throughout the district. I currently serve on the Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to help ensure that the bond process is transparent and aligned with the promised priorities.

To view the interactive map showing the status of HARD capital improvement projects click HERE 

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